Product Info <Gold Colloid>

New gold colloid

We found the reaction as follows.
        H[AuCl4] + amino acid or oligopeptide   → new gold colloid
We got stable gold colloids.

Conjugation of Gold Colloids

The reaction between antibody and the oligopeptide-gold colloid occurs easily,
the oligopeptide detaches from the gold particle, allowing the antibody to combine with it.

Oligopeptide  gold colloid + antibody (large peptide) → 

              antibody-gold colloid conjugate + oligopeptide

Product Feature

Large negative charge

写真1. WRGAu1
2. Gold collid 1 (citrate based)
3. Gold collid 2 (citrate and tanniic acid based)
4. Gold collid 3 (citrate based)

Electrophoresis( Agarose Gel, Tris Buffer, pH 7.3 )

High contration
The gold colloids are highly concentrated (OD520 12). Therefore, efficient preparation is possible using small instruments even on a large scale conjugation reaction.

The gold may be stored for one year in a refrigerator((4-10°C).
Palladium and platinum colloids may be stored for one year in a refrigerator (4-10°C)

Easy antibody conjugation
The colloids can conjugate with many antibodies as easily as other commercially available gold colloids.
Chromatography tests using our gold colloids of diameters 60 nm showed higher sensitivity of that of 50 nm.(influenza virus antigen antibody, half strip test)

Gold colloid Immunochromato Test

Product Info <Palladium Colloid>

Immunochromato Test Result

Immunochromatography tests was carried out our gold and palladium colloids. The sentisitivity of test using palladium colloids is 1.5-e times higher than that using gold colloid.(infulenza virus antigen antibody, half strip test).